Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sidney cometh...

Although I am not going to verify which item from yesterday's list triggered it (that's my story, I am sticking with it), I can verify launch sequence start and we are leaving for the hospital shortly.
The Wife began having serious contractions around 2am (as if they were comedic when the small ones started at 8). The grunting and grimacing are now at the prescribed separation. Of note, however, labor apparently triggers OCD because since the big ones started she and Nana have cleaned the nursery, made the bed and tried to clean the livingroom. On the upside, she has not yet started cursing me in dead languages.
Live coverage starting now on my Twitter feed.
(For the record, posting from my phone is not fun ... Autocorrect is doing its damnest to spoil the elegant prose. Hey, that wasn't that funny.)

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