Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Wife Has Lodged A Complaint

I have been informed that the last picture of Jackson I posted was unsatisfactory. Apparently this is the one I needed to post. So...yeah. Jackson.

And Then There Were Two

Here we have Jackson. Decided to join us 11 days early. If he is anything like his dad, that is the last time he'll be early to anything. If you'll pardon us, we're all going to pass ou...oh crap we have a 2 year old too don't we. Make that pardon me while I chase Sidney around. Who needs sleep?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

So We Decided To Expand The Franchise

Right now we are sitting in a delivery room awaiting the arrival of Sidney's little brother, Jackson. Apparently we grew tired of the relaxing life that is just chasing a toddler around and wanted to add a screaming newborn. I'm live tweeting this one, as last time was so much fun. Hit the link on the right for all the excitement. Already proving he's different from his brother, Jackson is over a week early and moving quickly.